Polar Bears And Climate Change

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Polar Bears and Global Warming Video

They’re cute, cuddly and utterly vulnerable. Polar bears capture the admiration and attention of people the world over for their fluffy white furs as well as huggable size. They garner respect from animal fans for their hunting talent and survival tactics in one of the harshest environments on Planet. Yet despite their frustrating popularity these giants are in risk of being wiped off Planet absolutely.

The Bear Basics
Polar bears are actually a large varieties that make their homes on the frozen Arctic ocean. The bears will certainly spend the majority of their lives on the ice. Males are able to grow up to ten feet in span as well as weigh in at over 600 kilograms! The bears are actually carnivores, meaning they consume the meat of more Arctic animals. At present there are actually estimated to be actually just 20-50,000 Arctic polar bears left in the wild. They are actually on the Endangered Animal List.

Who Is Helping, as well as Just how
Principal contributors to the fight to conserve the Arctic Polar Bear feature the Coca-Cola Provider and the World Fauna Fund. Together these businesses are raising hard earned cash to groundwork exactly what is creating global temperature change as well as working with governmental companies to manipulate greenhouse gasoline exhausts. More major jobs include energies to prevent unfavorable mortal connections consisting of poaching as well as extreme tourism and guarding vital environment spots such as birthing dens.

Practical knowledge is power. Become extra enlightened regarding this important subject by seeing Polar Bears at World Wild Life.

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  • Loren S says:


  • Belie says:

    Species don’t just die out. There is always a reason for it and it’s always because some natural balance was thrown out of whack.

  • Curiosity says:

    People weren’t around when the dinosaurs died out. If polar bears became extinct due to natural processes, that would be one thing. However, if they became extinct because of human activity, that would be an entirely different matter. We need to be better stewards of our planet and the life upon it. Biodiversity is a great advantage of our Earth! If you are not concerned about the polar bear becoming extinct, will you be concerned about the next life form to become extinct? Where do you draw the line? Will it finally be when humans are on the endangered list?

  • JOHNNIE B says:

    The present population is up 300%.

  • Marilyn R says:

    I now regret not purchasing that “Polar Bears for Obama” shirt that I saw the other day.

  • UbermanK9 says:

    I’d try and donate, I don’t have much money, but probably 5 dollars?? Hope that is enough?

  • sam =) says:

    im gonna spend oll my momey on air conditioners and put them all in the artic!

  • essienelly says:

    nothing, it’s hard enough just paying my regular bills.

  • ALBO$$ says:

    Why should we save polar bears from extinction? im doing a persuasive paper on polar bears and how we should protect them from extincion [[open special zoos for them]] but i cant think of any reasons why theyre useful to us or why we should save them? help!

  • Jim says:

    First thing, polar bears are not going extinct. The only way to protect a large roaming predator is by protecting its habitat. That means large tracts of land and ocean, would have to be classified as polar bear refuges. Within these there would be areas off total protection.

  • Devin S says:

    Well consider that it is pretty sad for any animal to become completely extinct. We should try to preserve all life, human or nonhuman. You also have to consider that polar bears keep the other artic wildlife in check from overpopulation and things such as that. But they aren’t going extinct just yet, it is mostly a precautionary because there is a risk they might.

  • Lily says:

    It would mess up the food chain.

  • cli168 says:

    I believe it has to do with polar bears ability to keep the population of other animals down. If you do not have polar bears, then the animals that get hunted and eaten by the bears would grew in numbers and thats bad. bear eat seal; seal eat fish no bear to eat seal, lots of seal eat lots of fish; danger to another population… etc and etc

  • birdgirl says:

    If you cannot think of a reason animals are useful to the planet than you obviously have NO understanding of what an ecosystem is. EVERY animal on the planet has it’s niche or place in it and serves an important function. Every animal on the planet is dependent on one another, when one species dies out it can negatively affect another species, possibly causing it’s extinction as well, and so on, and so on. I suggest you have your teacher teach you some basic biology/ecology before assigning a project like this.

  • Poyzin says:

    “I can kill polar bears anytime I want, anywhere I want, no matter what anybody says” ? http://www.economist.com/world/americas/displaystory.cfm?story_id=12652176 Given that eskimos , native canadians, and other savages have said this, and are busy hunting Polar Bears to extinction, why are animal rights activists and global warming nazis hissing and hyperventilating about turkeys and other domestic livestock or blaming dead polar bears on fossil fuels, or other such nonsense.? These people are responsible for damn near every mega-fauna extinction on this entire continent and are not content until they are completely dead. But political correctness apparently means you can’t say anything about this, unless you are writing from a British magazine. Why are American and Canadian magazines and newspapers afraid to expose these people for the brainless bloodthirsty killers they are? Patricia, it’s a direct quote from the Native Americans who are busy killing polar bears to extinction.

  • mc93433 says:

    Some people think that the use of the world “savage” makes them better than others. Most of us realize that what the Europeans did to the Native AMericans was the real savagery. Click here and you will see that what you read was obviously out of context. Canada allows sport hunting of polar bears, when those permits are allocated then they allow SUBSISTENCE hunting by indigenous group. These groups must hunt in the traditional manner…with spears and bows and arrows…Hardly the biggest threat to polar bears. Our cars and our disposable consumer lifestyles are the real “savage” threat….Maybe take some cultural awareness classes…it will save you embarrassment in the future. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polar_bear

  • viola f says:

    Oh my goodness. how we rant and hate. the “savages’ have a right to continue their life style. and the biggest killer of Polar bears is starvation due to melting ice flows. But don’t let facts stop you for judging.

  • Canadian says:

    Do I really care about polar bears? Uh, no, not really…

  • jim h says:

    the polar bears because the unborn fetus does not know its alive yet. I think abortion is up to the mother because only she know if the baby is going to have a hard time while growing up or it might end up being ignored and end up another lost cause baby (sorry to say but it’s true). not enough babies being adopted already. I think they should make a law to close up all drug and alcohol addicts because they are the ones neglecting their children (they shouldn’t have right like felons).

  • bucsnbeaches says:

    The polar bears, absolutely. They are an important part of the ecosystem. A human fetus is not a person, it is a potential person. By aborting the fetus you are not killing a thinking, feeling, human being that has thoughts, hopes, wishes, etc. Whereas if you allow the last 10 polar bears to die, it is a very damning indictment on humanity and how destructive and unworthy we are to share this planet on which we live.

  • Lorax5 says:

    The polar bears are suffering from habitat loss due to global warming/climate change. If we are down to the last 10 then Manhattan is probably under water as are many other cities, towns and in some cases countries, so millions of people are being relocated or are dying due to unacceptable living conditions. So in efforts to save the Bears – we would truly be working to save HUMANITY as we know it. There is no comparison to the abortion issue. WE are not an endangered species.

  • Redz says:

    If polar bears are facing extinction why is there a hunting season for them? I see the commercials all the time “Save the polar bears” and the movie Earth broke my heart. Kept having nightmares about that poor polar bear. I have been looking into finding a reputable organization to donate funds to, to assist the polar bears. My husband just recently took up hunting to “live off the land” if you will and he told me there was a hunting season for polar bears listed in the open season catalog. What’s the deal? Are they facing extinction or not? I just asked him and he believes it was Canada…

  • First N says:

    hey man bear pig is a super cereal situation but really it may have been in cananda also believe it or not they and their socialist ways actually allow many things like hunting various game due to the money it brings in

  • vangion says:

    According to Polar Bar International (one of those reputable organizations you were looking for) polar bear populations are increasing, even though they still claim that they are in danger of extinction

  • Miha L says:

    According to http://www.bearplanet.org/polarbear.shtml polar bears have “Vulnerable status”. Definition for “Vulnerable status” – A vulnerable species is a species which is likely to become endangered unless the circumstances threatening its survival and reproduction improve. Anyway global warmings effect has serious consequences for the polar bear.

  • slimcolo says:

    First of all just because the population is decreasing, does not mean that it is decreasing everywhere. (Grizzlies are endangered in most places but are in great shape in Alaska and parts of Canada and Siberia) Some areas may be overpopulated and need hunting to get control. (too many predators will ruin an ecosystem) Also there are several sub-species of polar bears, some are endangered and some are not.

  • Kush Slayer says:

    arent they prospering right now, the global warming people keep saying they are dieing but im pretty sure their numbers are increasing

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