How to Stop Illegal Whaling by the Japanese

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Humpback whales going crazy near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Video

Whales are amongst the most brilliant marine mammals on earth. The blue whale is the biggest animal to ever before exist. Despite this history, industrial whaling has actually left the whale animals very endangered. Thankfully, whaling has been ended in many countries, however still exists in some. The influence of this continued whaling endangers the existence of the species, and if not stopped, may wipe out whales.

Whales are surprisingly intelligent creatures. Their songs are a form of communication that are special to each species and personal and are used to exchange details. Whales have many behaviors that are comparable to humans; whales raise a single offspring at a time, whales have courting rituals, and whales have even been observed grieving each others deaths. Dolphins and whales are closely related, and many of the enthralling behaviors that have been observed in dolphins have also been found in whales. The public raised a enormous outcry when tuna fishers hurt dolphin human populations. Like dolphins, whales should not be killed for food.

Whales contribute to the ecological variety of the oceans. Whales eat krill, fish, and little mammals. Whales come in many designs and sizes and are found all over the globe. In spite of their variety, most species of whales are at hazard due to hunting, environment changes, and human population decrease. If whales were to go extinct, there would be a significant unfavorable influence on the natural world.

Whale hunting has actually been worldwide banned since 1986. The International Whaling Commission enacted this ban but left a number of loopholes open. Whales can be fished for scientific research, as well as by a few aboriginal collections. Japan hunts whales to use their meat and claims that they are doing medical research. The non-profit business Ocean Shepherd helps oversee Japan and protect against excess hunting.

The unlawful whale hunts have not stopped. More wants to be done to get rid of whaling before the varieties is totally depleted. Sea Shepherd is dedicated to this fight. Visit Sea Shepherd to learn more.

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